About Us

Wifi-soft is a hardware and software solutions provider for the hotspot and wireless ISP industry. We provide carrier-class operational support system (OSS) for managing wireless networks and hotspot systems. In layman's terms, we provide all the necessary products and services necessary to operate Wi-Fi hotspots and wireless ISP businesses from a central location. Our hosted, backend management solutions - WiFiLAN - help hotspot operators and service providers to easily install hotspots in any public venues and operate them from a single console.

Wifi-soft has built range of access controllers - UniBox - for managing public access networks. UniBox provides all-in-one solution that combines access control, AAA, Billing, Compliance, Bandwidth Control, user management, monitoring and reporting in one appliance. The appliance is available in various models ranging from 50 to 1000 concurrent users.

In addition, Wifi-soft provide smart access point solution for operators who want to deploy cloud-managed APs. Wifi-soft provides custom firmware that can be installed on third-party APs like Ubiquiti, TPLink and others. The firmware supports automatic updates, meshing, captive portal, bandwidth management and other functions required for running public access networks.

Lastly, Wifi-soft has complete solution that helps operators leverage Social Media at their Wi-Fi hotspots. We have integrated with several social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and others. The solution provides rich analytics and reports for marketing and promotions over social media.