BYOD Applicance

Wifi-soft's UniBox appliance can be used as a BYOD appliance in wired or wireless networks. It provides the necessary features needed to offer BYOD functions such as auto-registering, approval based access, client fingerprinting, access rules and more. Administrator can configure separate captive portals with different access policies for guest and regular users. Advanced bandwidth management rules can be configured to ensure the available Internet bandwidth is fairly allocated amongst the users UniBox serves as a affordable alternative to expensive BYOD controllers available in the market today.

Private SSID

IT administrators can configure private SSID for WPA2 enabled access along with a public one. The public one can be used for guest access through a splash page. By segregating the Internet traffic using VLAN and separate SSIDS administrators can have better control on their network and keep the private network separate from the public access users.

Guest Access

UniBox can be deployed as a guest access controller inside enterprise networks. It provides splash page, authentication, usage tracking to the guest users and enforces bandwidth rules. UniBox also provides several compliance features like SMS authentication, captive portals, URL logging and usage tracking. Administrators can implement paid access using credit card, PayPal or prepaid codes for guest access.

Mobile Device Management

UniBox uses client fingerprinting for identifying various mobile devices and monitor their access on the enterprise networks. Administrator can control private use of mobile devices on their networks and selectively allow access to shared resources and company servers to authorized devices. Each device can be tracked individually and unauthorized use can be monitored and audited. UniBox provides all the necessary tools needed to identify and authorize private devices in the modern corporate environments.

Policy Management

IT administrator can enforce various network access policies using UniBox's policy manager. These include controlling Internet access to specific time of day and days of the week, restricting number of client devices, dynamically allotting bandwidth as per user load, restricting users based on fair usage rules and more. Administrators can also allocate varying bandwidth for different applications to ensure QoS requirements are met.

Content Filtering

Ability to block unwanted content on a wired or wireless network is increasingly becoming important for network operators and administrators. Most companies have strict rules on Internet traffic and administrators need to enforce restrictions on certain category of websites. UniBox runs a content filtering service that allows administrators to block access to certain category of websites. They can fine tune their content filtering service by adding or omitting specific websites from the block list.

URL Tracking/Logging

IT administrators also need to track all the websites visited by the users on their network for archiving and auditing purpose. UniBox logs each accessed URL on the network against specific user or MAC address thereby providing audit trail for law enforcement authorities, if required. All the logs can be archived on the UniBox or downloaded for safe archival.

Bandwidth Management & QoS

As WiFi and Smartphones have become increasingly popular, the demand for bandwidth has risen exponentially. It is imperative for the enterprises to manage and allocate the bandwidth prudently to the users. They also need to ensure that users don't run bandwidth intensive applications thus hogging the Internet bandwidth and preventing other users to effectively using the network. UniBox provides all the necessary tools to allocate bandwidth, enforce fair usage and implement bandwidth based billing on the network.