Cloud Managed Hotspots

WiFiLAN provides all the services needed for managing WiFi hotspots from a cloud-based, intuitive management portal. Administrators can centrally manage and control hundreds of hotspots without having to incur the upfront cost of hardware and software. WiFiLAN is specially designed for managing WiFi networks and incorporates all the necessary services to operate and monetize WiFi hotspots.

Branded Splash Pages

WiFiLAN Cloud provides the flexibility of designing branded splash pages as per venue's requirements. It also provides various web templates to design a fully functional, responsive portals without having to write complex code. Hotspot owners can design separate splash page for each hotspot and can fully control the look-and-feel of the pages. They have option to host the pages on their own web server.

Hotspot Billing

WiFiLAN Cloud provides wide range of billing options for hotspot administrator to monetize their WiFi infrastructure. These options include credit card billing, PayPal, prepaid/access codes, PMS/Folio integration, usage based billing, tiered pricing and many more. Multiple options can be integrated on the captive portal thus providing greater flexibility to the operators for extracting revenues from the customers.


WiFiLAN Cloud provides AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) services over the Internet using hosted RADIUS server. The service can scale to accommodate thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots and works with wide range of network access gateways. The AAA server architecture guarantees maximum uptime by implementing geographic redundancy and automatic failover. It supports various authentication protocols like CHAP, MS-CHAP, EAP, TTLS, PEAP and more.

Vendor Neutral

WiFiLAN is designed to be compatible with wide range of network access controllers available in the market today. It works seamlessly with any controller that provides captive portal and RADIUS client thus allowing administrators to manage heterogeneous networks centrally through a single management console. WiFiLAN is one of the few companies in the world that offers a comprehensive vendor neutral hotspot management platform today.

Partner Management

WiFiLAN Cloud is a multi-tenant application thus helps operators to manage multiple partners through single web-based interface. Each partner gets separate login to manage or monitor their hotspots. The administrator controls the level of control for each partner and maintains a consolidated view of all the partner hotspots.

Monitoring & NMS

WiFiLAN Cloud consolidates and maintains the data for all your hotspots and provides a single interface for reporting and analytics. It generates over 50 different reports on network usage, bandwidth utilization, revenue, network monitoring, problem tickets and more. WiFiLAN Cloud also maintains old archives in the cloud and makes them available on demand in compliance of the local law.

Bandwidth Management & QoS

As public WiFi hotspots become increasingly popular, the demand for bandwidth has risen exponentially. It is imperative for the hotspot operators to manage and allocate the bandwidth prudently to the users. They also need to ensure that users don't run bandwidth intensive applications thus hogging the Internet bandwidth and preventing other users from effectively using the hotspots. WiFiLAN Cloud provides all the necessary tools to allocate bandwidth, enforce fair usage and implement bandwidth based billing on the hotspots.