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Wifi-soft's access point product suite includes several different hardware models to cater varying need of WiFi industry for example wall mount, ceiling mount, outdoor, 3G/4G capable APs. These Wi-Fi access points are zero configuration, plug and play gears and can be centrally or cloud managed.

All Wifi-soft APs are divided into two categories based on the mode of operation and management of the APs:

CloudMax: Wifi-soft's APs that can be configured and managed from company's cloud based WiFi hotspot management system called WiFiLAN.

UniMax: Wifi-soft's APs that operate in standalone mode and can also be centrally managed from company's access controller hardware called UniBox.

Salient Features of Wifi-Soft's Access Points

  • Client isolation (per AP)
  • 4 SSIDs per radio
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Central management
  • Captive Portal/Social Login*
  • 802.1x/Radius Support*
  • Mesh networking*
  • Dynamic channel selection (auto)

Wifi-soft's APs can be deployed in hotels, shopping malls, conference centers, schools/colleges, retail shops and other public venues for managing WiFi hotspots. Unimax product suite also includes 3G/4G capable WiFi device which allow service providers to offer wireless service inside vehicles such as Bus, cab, trains etc.

# Image Model Name AP Type Description Specification
1 530N 530N Outdoor

Rugged Outdoor weather-proof access point
300 Mbps 2x2 802.11n MIMO
PoE Enabled
Two 8dbi External Omni Antenna
1000mW High Power

2 510N 510N Outdoor

Outdoor Access Point and Network Bridge
Ideal for AP, P2P or P2MP wireless links
2T2R 300M MIMO
Antenna 5 DBi Omni or High Gain 14 DBi directional antenna
Weather-proof enclosure

3 Wifi-soft 310AC 310AC Indoor

Ceiling mount Dual Radio Enterprise Access Point
1200 Mbps 2T2R 802.11a/g/n/ac MIMO
PoE Enabled
10/100 Mbps LAN and 10/100/1000 Mbps WAN Ports
500 mW High RF power

3 Unimax 310N 310N Indoor

Ceiling mount Enterprise Access Point
300 Mbps 2T2R 802.11n MIMO
PoE Enabled
10/100 LAN and WAN Ports
500 mW High RF power

4 Unimax 305N 305N Indoor

Ceiling Mount SOHO Access Point
300 Mbps 2T2R 802.11n MIMO
PoE Enabled
10/100 LAN Port
1000 mW High RF power
Covers 8-10 hotel rooms

5 Unimax 210N 210N Indoor

In-Wall Indoor Access Point
Ideal for hotel rooms & smart homes
MIMO 2dBi Build-in omni-directional Antenna
Phone jack (RJ-11)
External 10/100 LAN Port

6 Unimax 505N 505N Vehicular

Single band 2x2 802.11n/g,
3G/4G vehicular WiFi Router

6 Unimax 220N 220N Table Mount

Single band 2x2 802.11n/g,
Table Mount WiFi Router For Small Businesses


Supported Access Points

We are in process of upgrading our firmware. Kindly contact us at sales@wifi-soft.com for any urgent requirement.

Listed below are some of the major hardware vendors and their models that are currently supported -
# Vendor Name Hardware Model Firmware Configuration Guide
1 Ubiquiti


Download Firmware

Download Guide


Download Firmware Download Guide


Download Firmware Download Guide


Download Firmware Download Guide
2 TP-Link


Download Firmware

WR740N V4

Download Firmware

WR841N V9

Download Firmware

WR841N V10

Download Firmware

WR841N V11

Download Firmware

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