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Social WiFi is the marriage between social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and WiFi hotspots. With the increasing adoption of social media and gaining importance of social media for marketing and promotions, venues are trying to leverage them to gain access to their customers. With the increasing use of smartphone and mobile devices like tablets and iPads, the customers are demanding reliable and cheap WiFi access at public venues. Most venues are forced to offer free WiFi to attract and retain its customers.

Social WiFi helps venues leverage and monetize their WiFi investments by using social media for promotion and branding building. They also use these mediums to engage with their customers and solicit feedback for improvements. Surveys are an excellent mechanism to collect feedback and suggestions from the customers.

For example, Facebook "like" endorsements helps venue improve their social media presence and create a subtle yet personalize referral model. Customers are requested to like the venues Facebook page before gaining access to the Internet. This ensures that venues can reach out the customer through social networks and use viral marketing to improve its brand and promote their products.

Social Media Enabled Hotspots

Offer free WiFi to your customers by requesting them to enter their social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) login credentials. Collect valuable customer information for profiling and analysis of user patterns and preferences. Post updates, events, promotions to your customers on regular basis through social media.

Facebook "Like" Endorsement

Grant free Internet access to your guests after they "Like" your venue on Facebook. Use free Internet to increase your social media presence and create an engagement channel with your customers. Post promotional or marketing messages on customers' Facebook or Twitter feeds to solicit repeat business from your customers.

Brand Promotion

Social WiFi engagement platform can be best tool for increasing your social media presence and improving your brand value. The platform will help you earn customer loyalty and help your venue promote products and services. Engage customers by regularly updating your social media status and posting these updates to the customer. Expand your brand into customers social circle through Facebook post and Twitter tweets.

Customizable Splash Pages

Build customized splash pages using pre-defined templates using our click-and-customize method. Users can easily upload logo, banners, images and text on the template and create fully functional and professional splash pages for their hotspots. All the web pages are responsive so they render properly on various devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Survey Based Access

Solicit users to fill survey for collecting valuable customer feedback before providing free Wi-Fi access at your venue. Venue operators can define multiple survey questions and prompt the users a random question during login. User will automatically gain Internet access once the survey is filled. Generate rich analytics and reports from the survey data that can be exported in various formats.

Ad Based Access

Redirect users to view a full-page image or video advertisement before providing free Internet access to the users. Operators can upload a pool of advertisements and users view any random advertisement during the login process. Operators can provide optional skip option so users can skip the advertisement or can enforce complete viewing of advertisement for Internet access. All advertisement statistics are tracked for analysis and reporting.

Social WiFi : Benefits

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is increasing becoming an important marketing tool for businesses. Similarly most businesses are offering free WiFi access as a value-added service to attract more customers to their venues. Integrating WiFi access with social media provides a powerful tool for the businesses to improve their social media presence and push their products and promotions to the targeted audience.

Build Brand Loyalty

Once the customer engages with the business over social media, it becomes very easy to the businesses to build brand loyalty and connect with their customers. This leads to increase in repeat business and customer satisfaction. Social Media also is used effectively to remain in constant contact with the customers and promote products and offers to the interested customers.

Solicit customer feedback

Customer feedback is important information needed for any business. Unbiased customer information helps businesses improve their services, increase customer satisfaction and helps in ensuring mistakes are corrected promptly. Survey-based WiFi access helps businesses get unbiased and prompt customer feedback. This feature is ideal for hospitality and retail businesses which rely heavily on repeat customer business.

Push promotions and offers

Social WiFi helps business easily push promotions and offers to the highly targeted audience. When businesses make users like their Facebook page, they create a connection with the customer thereby allowing them to push promotions and offers to their customers. Social WiFi becomes an important marketing tool for business to solicit future business.

Understand your customers

Social Media analytics helps business better understand their customers. As customers increasingly spend more and more time on social media, they provide a wealth of information to the businesses to help them improve their marketing campaigns, segment markets and increase sales.

Detect trends and customer preferences

Social Media data can be helpful in also detecting trends in the market place and understanding the choices customers are making. This is vital information for any business. It helps them improve their product and service offering taking into account the current market trends. Social WiFi helps businesses to easily visualize this information and generate reports required for future analysis and decision making.

Social Wi-Fi marries social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ with Wi-Fi technology. With public Wi-Fi becoming prevalent, users expect to get free Wi-Fi connectivity whenever they want to connect. Traditionally operators restricted users by enforcing a captive portal (login page) that prompted users for username/password or access code. Social Wi-Fi uses social media information to validate customers before providing free Internet access to the guests.

In the age of social media, businesses have learnt the importance of social media for connecting with their customers and hence a lot of businesses are using social media to promote their products and services.
Social Wi-Fi provides these businesses with tools to connect with their customers over social media in lieu of providing them with free Internet access.

Social Wi-Fi works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

The process is very simple. When guest connects to Wi-Fi network, they are presented a login page with an option to use their social media account to get free Wi-Fi access. The user clicks on the button and is redirected to respective social media login page. Once they enter their account details, users can start surfing the Internet.

Facebook "Like" endorsement is new way of Internet marketing that uses social media to promote products and services to the end users. Users are requested to "like" the venue's Facebook page e.g. hotel and in return they get free Internet access at the venue.
Once the user has liked the Facebook page, the venue can push events, promotion and offers to their users which are displayed to them on their Facebook timeline.

Venues use Social Wi-Fi as a customer engagement and promotion tool. Facebook likes can be used to post product promotions and offers to the users. Similarly they can download valuable customer data like age, preferences, location, gender to design their promotion campaigns.

Yes, you can download the publicly available social media data for offline marketing purpose.

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