UniBox : Introduction

UniBox is an all-in-one network access controller that can be deployed as hotspot gateway for managing public WiFi hotspots or as a BYOD appliance for offices and enterprises. It provides all the features required for access control, which includes AAA, captive portal, user provisioning, social media, MAC binding, bandwidth control, legal compliance, policy management, usage monitoring, credit card billing, content filtering, reporting and much more.

UniBox can be deployed in hotels, shopping malls, conference centers, schools/colleges, retail shops and other public venues for managing WiFi hotspots. Similarly, it can be deployed as a BYOD appliance in offices and enterprises for controlling and monitoring access of private devices like mobile phones, tablets in workplace.

UniBox is available in wide range of models ranging from 50 concurrent users to 1000+ users to cater to different needs of the market.

Salient points of UniBox are as follows -

  • All-in-one network access controller
  • User Management
  • Bandwidth Control and Shaping
  • In-built RADIUS and portal server
  • Content Filtering
  • Policy management
  • URL Logging
  • Social Media (Facebook) Integration
  • PayPal/Credit card integration
  • Detecting Torrent, P2P and Email spamming
  • Advanced QoS functions for VoIP and video traffic
  • Branded captive portals
  • BYOD management
  • Billing plans
  • Historical and real-time reporting
  • Network monitoring
  • Available in different models

UniBox : Features

Network Access Gateway

UniBox functions as network access gateway/controller for Wi-Fi hotspots and public access networks. It provides splash page redirection, authentication (AAA), session management, bandwidth control and IP management on public access network. UniBox integrates seamless with WiFiLAN Cloud or any third-party hotspot service and comes in different models ranging from 50 to 5000 concurrent devices. When configured in standalone mode, UniBox functions as all-in-one controller providing hotspot gateway, splash page, authentication, billing and reporting in a single appliance.

BYOD Appliance

UniBox is also available as BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) appliance for enterprises that need to implement secure, reliable and affordable BYOD setup without huge cost and complexity. It supports devices on-boarding, device fingerprinting, IT approval, guest access and different access methods. UniBox can also control access to private servers and control personal device access to the Internet from the corporate network.

Bandwidth Control

Public access networks need to control and allocate bandwidth to ensure customers get decent Internet browsing experience. Unmanaged network can lead to chaotic bandwidth usage in which few users will consume most of the bandwidth thus rendering network useless for other users. Wifi-soft provides effective tools to regulate and track bandwidth usage, allocate bandwidth and implement bandwidth policies to ensure fair allocation of bandwidth to all users on the network.

Responsive Splash Pages

UniBox comes with standard templates with mobile friendly designs for splash pages. Customers can customize the template with their logos, pictures and text. UniBox provides standard portal pages for different login methods - terms & conditions, username/password, prepaid codes, Facebook login, SMS validation, credit card billing and more.

Content Filtering

UniBox helps operators to implement filtering of URLs on public access networks. UniBox automatically downloads the latest filtering database from the Cloud so the database remains up-to-date. URLs are categorized in different domains so operator can easily configure filtering rules. Exception can be added to add or remove URLs from the filtering list.

URL Logging/Legal Compliance

Most countries have enacted laws for public Wi-Fi networks to control illegal and anti-social activities from the users using the networks. UniBox provides necessary tools to ensure that the operator remains legally compliant with the local laws. For example, logging visited URLs of the users, tracking session time and computers address, preventing users from using P2P or file sharing software, two-factor authentication to capture valid mobile number are some of the features available in UniBox.

Guest Access 2.0

UniBox includes wide range of access methods for guest access including prepaid PINs, Facebook Like, credit card payment, advertisement views, terms and conditions and many more. Operators today are trying various avenues to either monetize their WiFi infrastructure or captive user information for marketing or promotional purpose. UniBox Guest Access 2.0 provides wide range of options for the administrators to control how the guest access the WiFi network

Social Media Integration

UniBox helps operators use social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ to improve their social presence and customer engagement on the Internet. Users need to enter their social media credentials to gain Internet access. This enables UniBox to collect valuable customer profile, analytics and trends that help venues in designing marketing campaign and promotions. In addition, UniBox also enables venues to remain engaged with their customers on a regular basis by posting Facebook messages or Twitter tweets.

In-Session Advertisement

Traditional advertisement on public Wi-Fi networks has been restricted to captive portals and the welcome screens. From advertisement perspective, the number of page views is insignificant to generate any sizable revenue or click-through rates. In addition to welcome page advertisements, UniBox allows administrators to implement random, in-session advertisements which significantly increase the page views and click through rates. Administrator gets to control what type of ads are served, when and where they are displayed the users.

UniBox Benefits

Multiple Guest Access Options

UniBox offers multiple guest access options thus allowing administrators to easily control how they want users to gain access to their network. UniBox comes integrated with free, paid, hybrid, ad-based access, social media (Facebook) login, Two-factor (SMS) based login, prepaid codes, credit card/PayPal billing and many more.

BYOD Appliance

UniBox can be deployed as a BYOD appliance in offices and enterprises. It can be used for controlling guest access and allowing employees to securely access the Internet on Wi-Fi network. UniBox can be a good and affordable alternative to other expensive BYOD appliances.

Legal Compliance

Most countries have strict rules on public WiFi networks to ensure that the networks are not used for illegal and anti-social activities. UniBox helps operators to comply with the local laws by offering features like URL logging, content filtering, user activity tracking, captive portals and reporting. Since all the features are integrated in a single appliance, operators can save cost and remain legally compliant.

Monetize Wi-Fi

UniBox helps operators monetize their WiFi investment by providing them multiple options for charging the guest for Internet access. UniBox integrates with payment gateways like Authorize.Net for credit card payments and with PayPal for online payments. Operators can generate custom prepaid codes/vouchers that can be sold over the counter.

Bandwidth Control

Hotspot operators often face challenge of distributing limited bandwidth effectively among the Internet users. In many WiFi installations, few errant users end up hogging most of the bandwidth leaving other users with very slow, unreliable bandwidth. Operators need to ensure that the bandwidth is allotted fairly and effectively while restricting unruly users. UniBox has advanced bandwidth control, access policies, traffic shaping features to ensure users get fair share of the available bandwidth.

Save Cost

UniBox is all-in-one access controller that contains all the features required for managing public WiFi hotspots. Operators need not invest in other management and monitoring systems thus allowing them significant cost saving. UniBox has built-in web server, credit card module, SMS integration module, content filter, URL logs thus requires no additional devices when deployed at a Wi-Fi hotspot.

UniBox also functions as an affordable BYOD appliance for small to medium sized enterprises, student housing communities and offices. It provides all the necessary functions to control users from accessing personal devices, track usage and ensures tracking of network activity per user.


Recommended for small hotspots in cafes, bars, stores and small offices.

50 concurrent devices


Recommended for small hotspots in cafes, stores, small offices.

100 concurrent devices


Recommended for motels, resorts, malls and medium-sized offices.

200 concurrent devices


Recommended for large hotels, malls, parks, offices.

500 concurrent devices


Recommended for airports, large hotels or enterprises

1000 concurrent devices
1U Rackmount


Recommended for Airports, College campuses, Convention centers and Dormitories/Hostels

2500 concurrent devices
1U Rackmount

UniBox : Frequently Asked Questions

UniBox is all-in-one appliance designed for managing public Wi-Fi hotspots. It functions as a network access controller/gateway by enforcing splash page, authetnication and session control. It also functions as a hotspot management server by providing web server, AAA server, billing services, subscriber management, bandwidth control, URL logging, reporting and other functions required for running public hotspots.

UniBox can be deployed in any public venue e.g. hotel, airport, shopping mall, cafes/restaurants, marina/RV Parks, Convention centers, apartment complexes, etc.

Currently three UniBox models are available.
-- U-50
-- U-100
-- U-200
-- U-500
-- U-1000

You can order UniBox by calling +1-866-554-5090 or filling out the order form.

The salient features of UniBox are as follows:
-- All-in-one network access controller
-- BYOD features
-- In-Built or Remote Authentication
-- Advanced Bandwidth Control
-- Social Media Integration
-- Responsive Captive Portals
-- Credit Card/PayPal Billing
-- Torrent/P2P Control
-- URL Activity Logging
-- Policy Manager
-- Subscriber management
-- Reporting

UniBox runs on any standard x86 platform with Linux kernel.

We recommend using U-500 or U-1000 for managing wireless network in a hotel. Both these models come with rackmount 1U server for better scalability and performance.

UniBox contains an advanced bandwidth control engine that gives the administrator full control on bandwidth allocation for each user on the network.

Yes, we OEM UniBox on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our sales manager to find out the OEM options

UniBox comes with standard one year warranty on hardware. Extended warranty is available for an extra fee.

UniBox supports different number of concurrent users depending on the model
-- U-50: up to 50 concurrent users
-- U-100: up to 100 concurrent users
-- U-200: up to 200 concurrent users
-- U-500: up to 500 concurrent users
-- U-1000: up to 1000 concurrent users

Yes, you can become a reseller of UniBox in your host country by fill our reseller application.

Yes, you can deploy UniBox with WiFiLAN. Some UniBox features will not be available with remote authentication option.

No, we have done several hardware specific customizations so UniBox need to be purchased as an appliance.

Yes, you can host UniBox login pages on an external web server. Our sales staff will provide you some samples for designing the login pages.

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