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WiFiLAN Cloud : Introduction

WiFiLAN is an cloud-based, hotspot software or OSS/BSS for managing public Wi-Fi hotspots and hotzones. WiFiLAN is specially designed for managing public Wi-Fi and incorporates all features necessary to operate remote hotspots from a central console.

This solution is ideal for any hotspot operator who want to display branded splash page, control guest access, monetize hotspots and control remote networks through a single management interface. With no upfront cost, operators can easily scale their Wi-Fi business to thousands of hotspots.

All services can be access in the cloud and the WiFiLAN control panel provides an integrated console for managing the data related to Wi-Fi hotspots. Enterprises can also use WiFiLAN to secure their wireless environment by monitoring usage and providing access to only authorized users.

WiFiLAN is offered as Software-as-a-Service (Saas) model so operators don't incur huge upfront cost of hardware and software and don't need specialized IT staff to manage the backend services. Moreover, it also helps them streamline their business, reduce operational cost, provide better customer services and lets them focus on their core business. WiFiLAN is backed by Wifi-soft highly trained technical team and support staff to ensure that operators get prompt and reliable customer service when they need it the most.

WiFiLAN provides following features

  • AAA (RADIUS) Services
  • Hotspot Billing
  • Captive Portals/Splash Pages
  • User Provisioning
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Usage Tracking
  • Network Monitoring
  • Cloud NMS
  • Credit Card/PayPal/Folio(PMS) Integration
  • Access Codes
  • Social Media/Facebook Login
  • Problem Ticketing
  • Venue Dashboard
  • Legal Compliance
  • Reporting/Analaytics

WiFiLAN Cloud : Features

Cloud Managed Hotspots

WiFiLAN provides all the services needed for managing WiFi hotspots from a cloud-based, integrated management portal. Operators can centrally manage, monitor and configure hundreds of hotspots without having to invest in servers, data centers, software and expensive support staff. WiFiLAN is designed specially for managing Wi-Fi hotspots and incorporates all the necessary services to operate and monetize Wi-Fi installations.

Branded Captive Portal

WiFiLAN Cloud provides the wide range of options for designing branded captive portals (splash pages) as per venue requirements. It also provides web templates to design a fully functional captive portal without having to do any programming. Standard templates are available for Click-through, Username/Password, Prepaid/Access Codes, Facebook Login, Survey-based and Ad-based portals.

Hotspot Billing

WiFiLAN Cloud provides multiple billing options for hotspot operators to monetize their Wi-Fi setup. These options include credit card billing, PayPal, prepaid/access codes, PMS/Folio integration, usage based billing, tiered pricing and many more. Multiple options can be integrated on the captive portal thus providing greater flexibility to the operators for extracting revenues from the customers.


WiFiLAN Cloud provides AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) services over the Internet using hosted RADIUS servers. The service can scale to accommodate thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots and works with wide range of network access gateways (NAS). The AAA server architecture guarantees maximum uptime by implementing geographic redundancy and automatic failover.

Vendor Neutral

WiFiLAN is designed to be compatible with wide range of network access controllers/hotspot gateways available in the market today. It works seamlessly with any gateway that provides captive portal and RADIUS thus allowing administrators to manage heterogeneous networks centrally through a single management console. WiFiLAN is one of the few products in the world that offers a comprehensive vendor neutral hotspot management platform today.

Partner Management

WiFiLAN Cloud is a multi-tenant application thus helps operators manage multiple partners through a single web-based interface. Each partner gets separate dashboard for managing and monitoring their Wi-Fi networks. The administrator controls the level of control for each partner and maintains a consolidated view of all partner hotspots.

Monitoring & NMS

As consumers become dependent on fast and reliable WiFi access, it is important for the networks to remain operational 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. WiFiLAN implemented comprehensive monitoring services that ensures that the networks are monitored round-the-clock and any outages are quickly fixed. WiFiLAN also provides feature-rich NMS that provides detailed view of each network parameter.

Comprehensive Reporting

WiFiLAN Cloud consolidates and maintains the data for all hotspots and provides a single interface for reporting and analytics. It generates over 50 different reports on network usage, bandwidth utilization, revenue, network monitoring, problem tickets and more. WiFiLAN Cloud also maintains old archives in the cloud and makes them available on demand in compliance of the local law.

Bandwidth Management & QoS

As public hotspots become increasingly popular, the demand for bandwidth has risen exponentially. It is imperative for the hotspot operators to manage and allocate the bandwidth prudently for their users. They also need to prevent users from running bandwidth intensive applications thus hogging the Internet bandwidth. WiFiLAN Cloud provides all the necessary tools to allocate bandwidth, enforce fair usage and implement bandwidth based billing on public access network.

WiFiLAN Cloud : Benefits

Centralized Hotspot Management

WiFiLAN Cloud provides a simple yet powerful hotspot management in the Cloud. Manage thousands of hotspots centrally without having to incur any extra cost of software, server hosting and maintenance. WiFiLAN Cloud provides network wide visibility and control, easy setup, centralized reporting and seamless roaming for the hotspot users.
WiFiLAN Cloud helps reduce the operational expenses, streamlines processes and ensures that administrators have complete control of their network infrastructure from any place at any time.

Vendor Interoperability

WiFiLAN Cloud uses hardware agnostic design thus allowing operators to use wide range of hotspot controllers and access points depending on their requirements and budget. Unlike single vendor solutions, WiFiLAN Cloud allows operators to mix-and-match wide range of Wi-Fi hardware thus allowing them to save cost of network deployment. Complete list of supported gateways can be found here.

Saves Operational Cost

WiFiLAN Cloud provides tools needed to get a new hotspot operational in hours not days. Custom splash pages can be developed using pre-designed web templates within minutes thus saving on programming and design cost. Cloud management provides unmatched scalability and flexibility of commissioning hotspots from central console. Operators can manage thousands of hotspots from single dashboard and get consolidated view of everyday operations.

Wi-Fi Monetization

Operators can monetize their guest access networks using multiple billing options available in WiFiLAN. Implement credit card or PayPal billing with flexible billing plans based on time or bandwidth usage. Create access codes or vouchers in any combination that can be sold over the counter. PMS/Folio integration makes it really easy to charge guests to their rooms. Operators can avail Wifi-soft's professional services to implement custom payment scheme or payment gateway integration based on their requirements.

More Control

WiFiLAN Cloud enables operators to allocate and manage bandwidth to the users on public access networks. It provides ability to specify bandwidth rules on user, group and hotspot level. Operators can also assign bandwidth rules to each billing plans thus allowing them to offer tiered pricing for regular and high-bandwidth users. WiFiLAN Cloud also enforces quota and policies to implement fair bandwidth allocation on Wi-Fi hotspots.

Flexible & Scalable

WiFiLAN Cloud's software architecture makes it extremely customizable and scalable cloud solution. Operators managing hundreds of hotspots need a solution that can be customized to their business needs. Often they need a product that be quickly tweaked to match their customer's requirements without compromising on the stability, reliability and performance.
WiFiLAN Cloud can be easily customized and hosted on operator's own cloud infrastructure thus allowing them more control on the service offering.

High Availability

WiFiLAN Cloud promises high availability and redundancy to ensure your hotspots operate reliably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our servers are hosted in state-of-the-art data centers across US and Europe and run on highly optimized and reliable design. The servers are monitored 24x7 and ensure 99.9% uptime. The data is automatically backed up and replicated across multiple data centers to ensure zero data loss.

Compatible Hardware Vendors

WiFiLAN Cloud supports the following hardware vendors and their gateway models -

# Vendor Name Hardware Model Configuration Guide
1 Wifi-soft

UniBox U-50, U-100, U-200, U-500,U-1000

Download Guide
2 Colubris

MSC 3200/3300, MSC 3500, MSC 5200/5500

Download Guide
3 HP

MSM 710, MSM 730, MSM 750

Download Guide
4 Nomadix

AG 3100, AG 5500, AG 5500 - Metro

Download Guide
5 Cisco

Cisco 4402, Cisco 4404, BBSM

6 Zyxel

VSG 1000/1200, G-4100 (v2), WSG-100

Download Guide
7 Browan/Gemtek

P-560 / Plus, P-720/P-780, BG-6020G, G-4200

Download Guide
8 Valuepoint

NC-3500, WC-3000, NC-3000/3560

Download Guide
9 Mikrotik


Download Guide
10 Ruckus

Zone Director

Download Guide
12 M0n0wall

Any Hardware

Download Guide
13 Meraki

All Models

Download Guide
14 Open-mesh

Open-mesh AP

Download Guide
15 Altai Technologies

A3 Smart WiFi

Download Guide
16 Cradlepoint

CBR 400, MBR 1400, ARC MBR 1400, COR IBR 600

Download Guide
17 Ruckus AP

Ruckus AP

Download Guide

WiFiLAN Cloud : Frequent Asked Questions

WiFiLAN Cloud is a complete, hosted operational support system (OSS) for managing wireless hotspots and hotzones. Unlike many other OSS, WiFiLAN Cloud is designed specifically for managing wireless networks and incorporates all features necessary for reliably operating wireless networks from a central location. Some of the basic features of WiFiLAN are listed below. Features:
-- Splash pages
-- Authentication
-- Hotspot Billing
-- Subscriber Management
-- User Provisioning
-- Hotspot Monitoring & NMS
-- Problem Ticketing
-- Reporting
-- Social Media
-- Customer Self Care
-- Prepaid Billing

Our application runs on a server in Secure Data Centers in the US that runs 24x7x52. This means you don't need to install any Software or run any servers locally to use our solution. You can manage your Wireless Network remotely even from a geographically distant location.

WiFiLAN Cloud is hosted in a state-of-the-art, secure Data Center in the US. It has redundant backbones and is constantly monitored for security threats. We make sure it is up and running at all times. We have implemented dual-server architecture in which one server acts as primary and the other one as a backup. The servers are hosted in two separate data center to ensure maximum uptime.

WiFiLAN Cloud is hosted in our NOC (Network Operations Center) in a secure data center.You don't need to install any Software or run any servers locally. All you need is a Compatible Gateway and a Broadband or DSL Internet Connection and you are ready to provide a Managed and Reliable WiFi Service. WiFiLAN Cloud helps you monitor and manage all your Hotspot Locations and Users remotely through you its Web Based Interface.

WiFiLAN Cloud functions perfectly on any Web browser. We recommend using latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Yes, WiFiLAN Cloud maintains your data securely. Each server is PCI compliant and periodically updated with latest security patches and updates. Our software runs on Linux operating system so it is secure from worms, viruses and hacker attacks. Each server is secure by two firewalls - hardware and software - and is constantly monitored for network attacks.

Yes. WiFiLAN Cloud allows you to create multiple admin accounts and you can customize the access levels for each account. It lets you create viewer dashboards for each venue.

This solution is ideal for hotspot operators and service providers who need a complete, integrated back-office management solution that streamlines their operating procedures and reduces operational cost. The simple, intuitive web-based interface is easy to learn and makes hotspot management smooth and hassle-free.

Yes, WiFiLAN Cloud works in any country. You can have Captive Portals in your local language and charge your customers in one of the major currencies of the world.

Not at the moment. We are working on it and shall post an update as soon as the multilingual feature is added

Please click here to view the architectural details of WiFiLAN Cloud.

Yes, our Engineers shall help you migrate from your Existing Software solution to WiFiLAN Cloud and they shall assist you by remotely configuring your gateways to Interface with WiFiLAN.

WiFiLAN Cloud is compatible with wide range of hardware vendors. Please click here to view the list of hotpot gateways supported by WiFiLAN.

Yes, a free Online Demo of our solution is available. Click here for our signup form. You shall receive information regarding your Demo WiFiLAN Account via e-mail. If you are interested in an ONLINE WALK-THROUGH of our solution, we have our Sales Representatives available at a time convenient for you. The representative will explain you various features of WiFiLAN and will guide your through the online demo. Please click here to schedule an ONLINE WALK-THROUGH.

Yes, our engineers will provide you professional and quick support related to WiFiLAN setup, configuring gateways, designing splash pages and setting up billing. In addition, we provide a lot of online documentation for WiFiLAN.

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